From Community to Longterm Care: Successful Transition  


Prof. Colleen Doyle, National Ageing Research Institute.

Ms. Gail Roberts, Monash University. 

Moving into long term care (LTC) is a significant life event. What contributes to successful transition and adjustment? This masterclass is suitable for health professionals, academics, policymakers and consumers. Cross-cultural perspectives will ensure that the workshop is interesting and relevant to an international audience. On registration, participants will receive a set of reflective questions to prepare them to hit the ground running at the workshop. Participants will take away a practical summary of good practice ideas relevant to their country. The presenters will draw on their expertise, experience and their recent book “Moving into residential care”, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London & Philadelphia. Key factors that affect the process of adjustment and good practice will be discussed. The discussions will cover: relevant checklists and assessment tools, moving unexpectedly, financial and legal issues arising in countries represented at the workshop, advance care planning, resilience, the impact dementia has on adjustment, person-centred care, diverse needs and coping with death and dying. Stories from clinical practice will be shared to illustrate transition experiences. An interactive format drawing on audience experience will keep the discussion alive and relevant. 

Master Class Objectives:

1. To provide an opportunity to consider the psychological, social, and emotional impact of moving into long term care (LTC).

2. To identify practical cross-cultural solutions to facilitate the process of adjustment to LTC.

3. To summarise key policy considerations regarding the provision of LTC that assist older people and their families.

4. Understand the benefits of transforming long term care services and spaces to better serve their residents and the surrounding community.  


Professor Colleen Doyle has a background in psychology and program evaluation and is Senior Principal Research Fellow at the Australian National Ageing Research Institute. Until 2018 was Professor of Aged Care at Australian Catholic University in a clinical partnership position that provided research advice to a large aged care provider. She has published over 100 academic and technical reports in the field of aged care, specialising in health service evaluation, dementia and mood disorders in older adults. She founded the psychology and ageing interest group in the Australian Psychological Society.

Gail Roberts has a background in nursing and sociology and is currently studying for a Monash Juris Doctor degree in the Faculty of Law, Monash University. Having worked in general practitioner training and health policy, she has expertise in advance care planning and counselling older adults. She recently co-authored (with Colleen) a book on 'Moving into residential care, a practical guide for older people and their families'.

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