About the Program

If you work or have interests in the field of ageing, IFA 15th Global Conference on Ageing will be one of the most exciting and jammed pack conference programs you could attend in 2020. Pre-conference, on 31 October 2020 there will be 3 interactive Master Classes (Campaigning to Combat Ageism; Frailty and Long-Term Care; and From Community to Long-Term Care) and 2 high level Summits (Age-Friendly Environments and Vaccines 4 Life). A separate registration fee applies for any one of these events that will run concurrently over the day. Spaces are limited so get your skates on a register early.


Four (4) days, four (4) themes; twelve (12) sub-themes and two (2) exhibition spaces so there will be many opportunities to interact, listen, learn and showcase the important work that you do. Entitled “Rights Matter” and they really do if we want to protect the rights of older people across the globe, the 15th Global Conference on Ageing is your opportunity to give voice to our senior citizens. Addressing Inequalities; Age-Friendly Environments; Combating Ageism; and Enabling Functional Ability are themes that can resonate with all.


IFA is also pleased to announce that on each day of the conference, immediately following the daily keynote speakers and plenary, a one hour Presidential Symposium will be showcased featuring some of the global thought leaders and experts on critical issues, often overlooked in the policy arena.


Presidential Symposium on Vision Health: Vision Health: Innovation and Optimism 2020 – 

The primary goal of the Presidential Symposium on Vision Health is to raise the profile of the critical importance of current and future trends in vision health through key themed presentations and a moderated discussion with thought leaders in advocacy, diabetes, retinal diseases and ageing.


Visual impairments can limit mobility, impact interpersonal interactions, trigger depression, become a barrier to accessing information and social media, increase the risk of falls and accidents, and make driving hazardous. Vision loss is not an ‘ageing issue’ yet among adult at-risk populations there is a relatively low-level awareness of the need for regular eye screening, symptomatology of eye diseases and safe and effective treatment options as well as future innovations.  There is a critical need for improved care pathways to embrace optimise the patient outcomes from both a vision and functional perspective.


Presidential Symposium on Brain Health: “The Treatment for Dementia is Prevention”

The Global Conference is an international platform through which ‘game changing conversations’ about current and future trends in the field of cognitive reserve and brain health, technological innovations, and advocacy efforts will impact not only individual lives but also family and ultimately the productivity of nations.


The Presidential Symposium on Brain Health brings together thought leaders and experts in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive reserve and ageing to present and debate the evidence on the concept that “the treatment for dementia is prevention”.


The session comprises presentations followed by a moderated armchair discussion which may include participation with the audience via questions and answers. The symposium will be professionally recorded, with the finalized video product available as a tool on global website and for ongoing material to help influence and shape policy.


Presidential Symposium on Vaccination: “The Social and Economic Value of Adult Vaccination: Why Prevention is Wealth”

The Presidential Symposium on Vaccination will facilitate learning and to promote dialogue on the importance of equitable immunization program strategies, and critical actions in addressing system-based barriers to adult immunization.


Vaccination throughout life is a key pillar of expanded prevention strategies that can save millions of lives and is a central component of universal health coverage. The collective voice and actions of public health professional, patient and advocacy organizations at and beyond the conference is required to ensure existing vaccine uptake targets are met and we strive for parity of such targets across the life course.


One of the single most important barriers to fulfilling this mandate is the lack of a joined-up approach and mechanism to mobilize information, experts and activists around a common agenda across disciplines and sectors. This conference acts as a bridge across disciplines and sectors with attention to patient and advocacy organizations.


Age Friendly Village (Dedicated Exhibition Area at the Hilton Hotel)

As part of the 15th Global Conference on Ageing program, IFA is providing all members of the World Health Organization (WHO) Age Friendly Environments initiatives the opportunity to showcase their programs with dedicated exhibition space throughout the 3 days of the conference.

Share your programs and initiatives with others as we all know that knowledge shared is one of the most valuable resources we have. Download the Age-Friendly Global Village Prospectus here.


Register for your exhibitions space now as booths will be limited to 30 in the Age-Friendly Village.